Spring in Japan is a synonym of change; new jobs, new classmates, new blossoms.
This season of beginnings, it slowly, steadily, sets in.

These are but fragments of this transitory period,
burned within a negative,
still within a fraction of a second.
「体の外は 春だよ
体の外は 真赤な春だよ」

"Outside my body, it's spring
Outside my body, there's a bright red spring."
「涙の後は 海だよ
涙の後は 優美子の海だよ」

"Behind the tears, it's an ocean
Behind the tears, there's Yumiko's ocean."
「愛の言葉は 雲だよ
愛の言葉は 逃げまわる雲だよ」

"The word 'love', it's a cloud
The word 'love', it's a runaway cloud."
「生きて行く事は 雪だよ
生きて行く事は 降りしきる雪だよ」

"To live, it's like snow
To live, it's like the falling snow."

〜 友川カズキ 「優実子の春」

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