"Tokyo Log" is a one-month diaristic exploration of a city I had longed to visit for a many a year.

On the first day of 2014, I quit my job and took a month-long trip to the city of Tokyo. Staying in a small apartment in Hibarigaoka - a suburb of Tokyo - and taking a 40-minute long train ride to the Ikebukuro neighbourhood every other day, I found myself nearly penniless and walking aimlessly in a city I had dreamt of, camera in hand, ready to press the shutter on all the moments I saw unfolding in front of me.

This thirst for capturing the life of a city I had constructed in my head for years, using music and books as my building blocks, lead to a feverishly blur of images that took me almost 2 years to cohesively edit into what I dubbed my "Tokyo Log" — a travelog filed with half-conscious walks, hushed shutter clicks, and hungry days fed by the insatiable need to photograph all that was,   before my time in the city was up.
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